Friday, May 13, 2005


And you're not singing the national anthem loud enough either!

Only 3 feet by 2 feet? What kinda commies are they?
Law forces schools into flag chase

More than 15,000 American flags need to be replaced in public school classrooms in Central Florida by the end of the school year because they are smaller than a new state law requires.

The law, requiring every Florida public classroom to display an American flag, includes a 3-by-2-foot size requirement. Many flags used in classrooms aren't that large.

"We already had flags in every classroom," said Richard Wells, Seminole County's school district spokesman. "They just weren't the ones specified by the law."
(The law also says the flags should be paid for with donations.)

China's eating our lunch, India's stealing our software jobs, but Florida's kids'll at least have BIG FLAGS.
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