Friday, May 06, 2005


Bobo still getting things almost but not quite completely wrong

Shorter David Brooks:
Like Lincoln, I believe that the only truth is that human beings are endowed with unalienable rights, and beyond that, it's best to be humble and cautious, so why am I still in the same boat with right-wing Christian nuts who are anything but humble or cautious?
He concludes:
While the evangelical tradition is deeply consistent with the American creed, sometimes evangelical causes can overflow the banks defined by our founding documents. I believe the social conservatives' attempt to end the judicial filibuster is one of these cases.

Lincoln's core lesson is that while the faithful and the faithless go at each other in their symbiotic culture war, those of us trapped wrestling with faith are not without the means to get up and lead.
So get up and LEAD already, you fraud! You spend more time lambasting the ACLU than you do the Justice Sunday perpetrators. That tells me that you're still more upset with the dwindling handful of "secularizers" than you are with the stampeding elephantine herds you so daintily euphemize as "social conservatives."

A lot of us are struggling with our faith, David. Most of us aren't issuing fatwas against anyone of the wrong - or no - faith. Try doing more than just "reporting" what your narrow little mind deludes itself into thinking it sees out there in your imaginary "heartland" - try actually standing for something for a change. We could use your help.
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