Monday, May 09, 2005


Chuck Hagel going to Hell

Guess he forgot to drink his Koolaid this morning.
Hagel calls for filibuster solution

At least some Senate Republicans still hope to negotiate a deal to end the fight over filibusters of judicial nominees.

"My goodness, you've got 100 United States senators. Some of us might be moderately intelligent enough to figure this out," said Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Nebraska. "We need to work through this."

Hagel remains publicly undecided about whether to endorse the GOP threat to use their Senate majority to ban such filibusters. But he noted Sunday that private talks were continuing between Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tennessee, and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, in an effort to work out a compromise.

"We would, I think, debase our system and fail our country if we don't do this," Hagel told ABC's "This Week."

"But you can't give up a minority rights tool in the interest of the country, like the filibuster," he said.

Sen. Carl Levin, D-Michigan, said, "It's that kind of statement that gives us hope."

Republicans are considering a parliamentary ruling to ban filibusters against judicial nominees. Any such ruling would be subject to a full Senate vote, with a simple majority required to prevail.

During President Bush's first term, Democrats filibustered 10 nominees to federal appeals courts and have said they will do so again this year for the seven that Bush renominated. As of late March, the Senate had confirmed 204 judges chosen by Bush, according to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

"I know that Senator Frist and Senator Reid both want to work this out," Hagel said.

"The United States Senate is a minority rights institution unique in the world," Hagel said. "And I don't think either side wants to give that up. Now, the other part of this, which I also believe strongly, is that presidents deserve votes on their nominees."

But he noted that Republicans prevented votes on many of President Clinton's choices for the federal bench.

"The Republicans' hands aren't clean on this either. What we did with Bill Clinton's nominees -- about 62 of them -- we just didn't give them votes in committee or we didn't bring them up," Hagel said.
Why does Chuck Hagel hate Jesus and America? Doesn't he understand that it's not about getting any judges confirmed? If George Bush really wanted to get judges confirmed, he could do so in an instant simply by appointing judges who aren't snakehandling extremists. As he has done about 90% of the time.

But that's not what God told George to do! So, dadgum it, he's just not gonna do it! This is about getting them evil, anti-people-of-faith Democrats to realize that they lost last November - LOST, dadgum it - Ol' George done got hisself a MANDATE, dadgum it - he won by 2%, and that means the American people overwhelmingly voted for him, so he can - indeed, must - do anything he wants.

This isn't about any stupid judges - the Republicans don't give a shit about judges - as Hagel pointed out, they were perfectly happy to prevent Clinton from having his nominees voted on - this is about destroying the Democrats and creating the one-party state the Founders clearly had in mind when they wrote the U.S. Constitution, which doesn't even mention parties at all. So once the Republicans have every imaginable arm of power under their control, that's what we'll have.

Chuck Hagel, by bringing up something that runs counter to this Godly aim, is unleashing the forces of Satan and Feminism on the Republic. He must be condemned to Hell immediately! The fact that he's telling the truth is totally irrelevant.
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