Sunday, May 08, 2005


Look, I just write for the New York Times - but I'd never be so left-wing as to actually read it

Shorter John Tierney:
If I keep pretending that the only choice anyone has ever mentioned anywhere at any time to "fix" the "crisis" in Social Security is to drastically raise taxes or drastically cut benefits, maybe no one will notice that A) there's no crisis and B) lots of people have made lots of suggestions on how to "fix" the non-crisis that won't require doing anything drastic.
I mean, it's not like Paul Krugman hasn't written at length about this. But then, Krugman's only a professor of economics at Princeton, and how can anybody at a two-bit school like that know anything about anything? And he's also only a New York Times columnist, and Tierney's got far too many more important things to do than to acknowledge his own employer. But when someone important like E. J. Dionne says the same thing, then perhaps it's time for Tierney to start paying attention. He might avoid embarrassing himself. At least, if he keeps lying, maybe he won't lie so flagrantly.
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