Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Play ball!

This is incredibly cute:
Infield Fly Rule Haiku

Jackals home opener ticket giveaway #2: Create a haiku explaining the infield fly rule. Leave your answers in the comments with your real name (we need to leave it at the "will call" window.) Guys get two tickets for a good haiku. Gals get four.

Tickets are for next Thursday night at Yogi Berra Stadium.
Here are some entries:
The Infield Fly Rule
Who knows what it is? Not me.
Please get me more beer.

The Infield Fly Rule
states, when badgered by flies, swat
often and quickly.

No dropping the ball
To put on a double play
You're already out

Two runners on base
Infield popup, the batter
Is out, runners not

Green summer meadow
Children play, so engrossed
They do not need rules.

Baseball widow, I
retreat for greener pastures:
"Desperate Housewives"

Who can catch a fly?
Not me. Luckily I don't
Need to. I play third.
Most of the entries don't specifically concern the infield fly rule. Here's mine:
Two runners on base
Infielder catches the ball
No one has to run
Not the most inspiring, but it certainly explains the infield fly rule, and I did write it in all of about 30 seconds. I'll do better tomorrow.

Speaking of haiku, in 2001 I won the Vogon Poetry Contest at Toronto Trek 15 with some Vogon haiku:
Space is really big
Really, really, really big
Really, really big
(Imagine a Vogon so bloody-minded as to not only write poetry but to insist upon writing haiku, and counting on his fingers to make sure he has the right syllable count.)
Space is really dark
Really, really, really dark
Really, really dark

Space is big and dark
Just like my bowel movements
Whoops, that one is huge!
Of course I won.
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