Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Remind me again how Republicans are supposed to be "stronger" on defense than Democrats?

Too funny for words.
I assure you, sir, the redacted portions are completely unreadable:

The Pentagon is likely reviewing all its recently declassified documents with a very careful eye this week after learning that redactions to its publicly released report on the death of Italian secret agent Nicola Calipari could be viewed with a simple CTRL-C, CTRL-V. The Pentagon quietly released the heavily censored report to the Web in Adobe Systems' PDF format last weekend, failing to realize that its hidden portions could be revealed by simply opening the document in Adobe's free Acrobat Reader, hitting the ''select text'' button, copying and then pasting that text into any word processor. "I played around on my computer by highlighting the text, I found out the words were still there under the blacked-out bits," Salvatore Schifani, one of the first folks to notice the Pentagon's gaffe, told Repubblica radio. "It really surprised me, because the best way of not making this information available would have been not to write it down in the first place, rather than putting it there and then trying to conceal it in such a silly way." Makes you wonder how many other "censored" Pentagon documents might be readable this way.
I'm a big fan of Tom Clancy novels, but I always wanted to write (or at least read) an "anti-techno-thriller" - one in which none of the fancy toys work and all of the military guys are self-serving CYA careerist opportunists. Seems like that's what the real Pentagon is really like. I'm not sure if I should be amused or terrified.

I repeat: It's a good thing a grizzled old, experienced combat vet like George W. Bush is in charge of things. Can you imagine what bad shape our military would be in if a cowardly draft-dodging deserter like John Kerry were president?
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