Monday, May 09, 2005


Think of it as "evolution in action"

Although, of course, we don't really believe in "evolution." Except when it comes to ridding the species of untermenschen like the poor, minorities, etc. Icky people like that. Who needs 'em?
States Propose Sweeping Changes to Trim Medicaid by Billions

Governors and state legislators have devised proposals for sweeping changes in Medicaid to curb its rapid growth and save billions of dollars.

Under the proposals, some beneficiaries would have to pay more for care, and states would have more latitude to limit the scope of services.

The proposals, drafted by separate working groups of governors and state legislators, provide guidance to Congress, which 10 days ago endorsed a budget blueprint that would cut projected Medicaid spending by $10 billion over the next five years.

Many of the proposals resemble ideas advanced by President Bush as part of his 2006 budget. In some cases, the governors embrace Mr. Bush's proposals but go further. At the same time, they also reject some of the president's recommendations that they believe would shift costs to the states.

John Adams Hurson, a member of the Maryland House of Delegates who is president of the National Conference of State Legislatures, said: "I am a Democrat, a liberal Democrat, but we can't sustain the current Medicaid program. It's fiscal madness. It doesn't guarantee good care, and it's a budget buster. We need to instill a greater sense of personal responsibility so people understand that this care is not free."
Unless you're a member of Congress...

I suppose it would be an act of "class warfare" for me to point out that the real "budget buster" was Bush's monstrous tax cuts? I thought as much. Sorry, how could I have been so divisive? I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, poor misunderstood billionaires. Here's another $100 billion in tax cuts. There, better?
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