Thursday, May 26, 2005


Whine whine, moan moan

The last line will make you gasp, unless you are a totally unreconstructed Christian wingnut.
FSU's Bowden enters religion debate

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden said Air Force coach Fisher DeBerry is fighting the government over the role of religion on his team.

Bowden brought up DeBerry while speaking to the Southern Colorado Fellowship of Christian Athletes on Sunday.

Last season DeBerry was asked to remove a banner from the locker room that bore the Competitor's Creed, including the lines, "I am a Christian first and last. ... I am a member of Team Jesus Christ."

"Fisher is fighting a heck of a battle over here at your academy [with] the U.S. government," Bowden was quoted as saying in the Gazette of Colorado Springs. "He's fighting a heck of a battle because he happens to be a Christian, and he wants his boys to be saved. I want my boys to be saved."

Bowden's comments came as a Pentagon task force investigates claims of religious intolerance at the academy, including cases in which a Jewish cadet was told the Holocaust was revenge for the death of Jesus and another was called a Christ-killer by a fellow cadet.

"We realize we have other religions with us," Bowden said.

"The coach has a responsibility to these boys to try to influence their spiritual life, their physical life and their academic life. ... We know we're going to get challenged on it, but that's what we believe in. I ain't going to back down."

Bowden also said prayer was a large, yet voluntary, part of his football program and encouraged athletes to be more vocal about their beliefs.

"The problem with us Christians is we won't speak out," he said.
A coach at a taxpayer-supported public institution - especially at the United States Air Force Academy - has a responsibility to respect the Constitution of the United States. If he doesn't want to do that or feels like he can't do that, he can resign and become a preacher. And if he doesn't understand that, he should be fired.

Which would only lead the Christian wingnuts to whine and moan even more.

They don't speak out? What part of "bullshit" does Bobby Bowden not understand?

I am not anti-Christian. They can believe anything they want. But when a small group of self-righteous intolerant triumphalist bigots starts to try to force me to believe it or gangs up on me because I refuse to believe it, then, yes, I become anti-them.

Which they also seem incapable of understanding.

Of all the nauseating right-wing self-pity we've recently been inundated with, this has to be the most egregiously worst.
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