Wednesday, May 04, 2005



Wanna read some good - nasty, but really good - writing? Go here.
This week:
House of D
Riding the Bus With My Sister

"The narration is strewn with gallstones of wisdom that Duchovny pisses out in bloody shards."

"If watching a retarded woman crying at a burial turns you on, as it does for many of us, you must see this movie."

"I think most people should be disgusted with Hollywood's 'Precious Moments' portrayals of the retarded. It fucking pisses me off. Retards are people too, and they are people with serious problems. They are not cuddly pals who always teach us how to be better people. Sometimes they repeat themselves for hours and hours. Sometimes they shit their pants. What lesson is there to be learned from that, other than to cover everything with plastic? But, Hollywood keeps trotting them out to prop them up as something they arenít. It think it has little to do with helping us understand mental disabilities, and a shitload to do with Hollywood wanting to feel good about themselves. Maybe they find it easier to act retarded than actually help the retarded. Or maybe they'd rather just approximate what goes on in families with handicapped members then spend time with them. Either way, fuck off, Hollywood. Use a monkey, a dwarf or anything but the helpless retarded."
I'm not quite sure how I ended up on this page - something about following a link from somewhere to somewhere else before pasting in the link to this page - but it was worth it, just to read something so original, pithy, and sincere.

I've often thought Robin Williams should be banned from Acting. Not from appearing in movies and TV, but from Acting. Much like Sylvester McCoy, the Seventh Doctor Who, Williams too often tries too hard to Act rather than simply to act. He's at his best when he has no clue that the camera is rolling. Odd since his early comedy stuff and his live appearances are so stunning.

Anyway, this is the best thing I've read all week, which is saying something since I try to read TBogg and Digby every day. The secret, guys, is keep banging the rocks together.
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