Wednesday, July 06, 2005


If this were crack babies in Harlem, then there'd be a national uproar

In a weird kind of reverse racism, nobody gives a damn about crystal meth kids in Kentucky. (Not that they ever really cared about the crack babies, either...)

One of the more tragic side effects to the crystal meth scourge is its devastation of families. According to the National Association of Counties, 62 percent of counties reported spikes in domestic violence because of meth use. And kids pay the highest price for skyrocketing meth usage; with more and more parents becoming addicted, more and more children have fallen into the already strained foster care system. Mike O'Dell of Alabama estimates 80 percent of children currently in the state foster care system were removed from meth homes. During the past four years, 362 kids with meth-addicted parents entered the foster care system in Arizona; 770 children were removed from meth homes in Kentucky. Iowa now cares for 1,000 kids who were abused or neglected because of their parents' meth habits.
It really is strange that this is not generating the kind of loathing and calls for government action that the crack epidemic did. You'd think a scourge stalking the Heartland would spur even the Bush Administration into action - after all, crystal meth is mostly striking Red States, its victims are Bush's voters. But I guess that would mean admitting that all is not well in the "Real" America. When it's niggers in the big, evil city, then call out the airstrikes and shoot anything that moves. When it's good ol' boys in God's Country, shush - don't make a fuss. Just keep waving that flag and praising JEEEEEEzus - and go off to die in Iraq.
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