Tuesday, November 15, 2005


David Brooks Apologizes to Hillary Clinton!

Shorter David Brooks:
It does take a village to raise a child!

We now spend more per capita on education than just about any other country on earth, and the results are mediocre. No Child Left Behind treats students as skill-acquiring cogs in an economic wheel, and the results have been disappointing. We pour money into Title 1 and Head Start, but the long-term gains are insignificant.

These programs are not designed for the way people really are. The only things that work are local, human-to-human immersions that transform the students down to their very beings. Extraordinary schools, which create intense cultures of achievement, work. Extraordinary teachers, who inspire students to transform their lives, work. The programs that work touch all the components of human capital.
Now, I know that David Brooks didn't actually apologize to Hillary Clinton. That would require honesty, which we know is beyond most so-called "conservatives" these days. So, Brooks didn't apologize to Mrs. Clinton.

But he should have.
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